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Tales From The Kill Cliff Granite Games

Since CrossFit was my introduction to the world of strength and fitness, I was really interested in checking out the Kill Cliff Granite Games in Saint Cloud, MN. All those fit people doing all those fitness things with all their fitness, and only a 4 hour drive away... I couldn't pass it up.  I made the trip and figured I'd at least get to see one day of action.

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Diary of a Powerlifter: The 2016 CrossFit Games

I’m a powerlifter.  I like powerlifting.  I like strongman too.  But what about CrossFit? 

I saw a CrossFitter one time.  He looked kind of weird to me.  He was running shirtless with a kettle bell over his head.  I don’t know what those shoes were that he was wearing, but they definitely were not chucks.  I’m pretty sure chapter one of The Powerlifting Handbook says we, as powerlifters, are supposed to make fun of CrossFit.

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Are Too Many CrossFit Metcons Stealing All Your Gains?

This is the feeling I’ve somehow come to associate with getting work done in the gym. It’s the pain of progress, and it’s a feeling that most CrossFit athletes, both amateur and competitive, are addicted to. The constantly-varied, highly-intense nature of the CrossFit WODs means it can hurt a million different ways on a million different days, but the psychological response seems to be the same. I feel like I’ve been to the brink of death, and that must mean I accomplished something.

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