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Massenomics’ 6 Rules for the Fitness Minded Drinker

Slow and steady wins the race
Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour per drink, if possible, to give your body time to properly metabolize alcohol and all its metabolites. A backlog of alcohol metabolites (mainly acetaldehyde) caused by fast consumption of alcohol will have you feeling worse than a broke dick dog in a yard full of bitches.

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Does This Wilks Score Make Me Look Fat?

We all know that powerlifting is a game of numbers.  So is CrossFit, strongman, Olympic weightlifting, and just about any type of competitive strength sport you can think of.  There is some form of gauge for each discipline.  In powerlifting we look specifically at weight (MASS) moved in the three lifts.  If you live in Trumpland, we call those pounds.  If you live somewhere else you go by kilometers, or something like that.  Either way, the basic concept doesn’t change

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Besides being one of the most functional exercises you can perform, the deadlift might also be the best exercise for demonstrating raw power. Nothing quite matches that feeling of successfully ripping a barbell loaded with plates from the floor. Now, I will be the first to admit I am far from a deadlift expert but using a few simple techniques I was able to move my measly 455lb deadlift to a more respectable 515 in a matter of months. I also believe using these techniques I can maintain steady progress for quite some time.

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Are Too Many CrossFit Metcons Stealing All Your Gains?

This is the feeling I’ve somehow come to associate with getting work done in the gym. It’s the pain of progress, and it’s a feeling that most CrossFit athletes, both amateur and competitive, are addicted to. The constantly-varied, highly-intense nature of the CrossFit WODs means it can hurt a million different ways on a million different days, but the psychological response seems to be the same. I feel like I’ve been to the brink of death, and that must mean I accomplished something.

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Grow your muscles by giving them a break?

How many of you reading this right now plan detraining periods in your training regimen? I would imagine there is a small, but probably not real high percentage. How many of you that do plan detraining periods, do for a ten day period or more? I know what you are thinking, ten days or more off from training? Why don’t I just shave my beard, stop peeing in the shower, and become a Birkenstock- wearing vegan?

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