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Tales From The Kill Cliff Granite Games

Since CrossFit was my introduction to the world of strength and fitness, I was really interested in checking out the Kill Cliff Granite Games in Saint Cloud, MN. All those fit people doing all those fitness things with all their fitness, and only a 4 hour drive away... I couldn't pass it up.  I made the trip and figured I'd at least get to see one day of action.

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What We Learned About Promoting Our First Strongman Event

If you have been following our content at all, you probably noticed by now that we recently held a strongman event.  And if you follow us too closely you've probably also noticed that we have some occasional digestion issues, and we don't actually scrub our lower bodies when we are in the shower...  But that's not really essential to what we are talking about today. So more about the "2016 Massenomics Strongman Showdown". 

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