Some Quick Thoughts on the Massenomics Strongman Event

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This was Massenomics 2nd year of doing the Strongman Competition at the Brown County Fair (click here to read about year one). Not coincidentally, it was the 2nd year of people asking me if I was participating in the Strongman Competition. It then also became the 2nd year of people giving me confused looks when I answered them with “I’d rather eat a twelve pack of Volcano Tacos and then do a 20-rep squat session.”

There's me in the black and white hat at the event.  Twelve pack of Volcano Tacos pictured separately.

There's me in the black and white hat at the event.  Twelve pack of Volcano Tacos pictured separately.

Why punish my rectum and ruin my favorite shorts instead of lifting some unconventional implements? Well, the primary reason is that I just wouldn’t be competitive. I don’t think people realize that most of the guys that participate in this Strongman are on another level of strength. I have deadlifted 500lbs and benched 315lbs (let’s not talk about my squat), which are decent numbers for your typical gym bro. However, stepping into that grass and gravel ring is a different story.

It is quite unlike any other event that centers around strength. There is a blend of power, strength, conditioning, and just pure redlining involved that powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, etc. do not touch. Not to mention, the technique and athleticism needed for some events. Condense 5 of those events into a 2-3 hour window, with no scheduled break time for the competitors, and you have a show that really pushes an athlete’s limits. I would say we are fortunate to not have seen any major injuries. Pressing awkward 280lb logs over one’s head is probably right below water aerobics with sharks for hobbies that are likely to end with injury.    

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It was easy to tell from the cheers that the crowd was into it, but I just wanted to add some perspective to how challenging of a display it was. As I write this, it will have been five days since the event and most of the competitors are still probably recovering. Fried central nervous systems from redlining through high rep car deadlifts and skinned-raw forearms with remnants of sticky tack is just another day in the office for a Strongman competitor. 

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Hopefully, next year will be bigger and better than the last - and so help me god if the dog show gets more seating area for their crowd again I am going roll a 300lb atlas stone through the Brown County Fair management office door.

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