Fantasy Powerlifting Draft


Fantasy football drafts are going on everywhere across the country this week.  Football, and more specifically FANTASY football, has become America's favorite past time (sorry baseball fans).  That's all cool and everything for 99.99% of Americans, but what about all of us that are hardcore powerlifting fans.  If you're one of the 50-100 people in America that fall into that powerlifting fan club group, then we've got the game for you!  

Imagine that there is a powerlifting meet going on where all the best lifters compete against each other (hard to imagine!), and you have to pick your team of three lifters.  The goal is to add their three totals together to come up with the highest sum possible.  You've got $15 Massenomics bucks to spend.  You have to pick one lifter from each of the three weight classes, but you can't spend more than $15.  A little hint:  the guys are not necessarily ordered perfectly, so there are some draft steals in there! For the sake of comparability, everyone will lift raw in knee sleeves in our ficticious Massenomics Super World Mega Big Dog Boss Open Championship Meet.  So which three big lifters are you picking to comprise your all-star fantasy powerlifting team??  Comment and let us know!

If you all love this like we know you will, we will put out a fantasy auction list for the lighter weight classes next.  Now that you've spent all your fantasy Massenomics bucks, you're welcome to spend some of your real cash in our store.  Check out our gear!

Click the picture to check out our caps and tees!

Click the picture to check out our caps and tees!