The Strongest Moments of 2017


2017 was a year to remember in the world of strength sports.  Just when you thought the human body had been pushed to its farthest limits, these athletes took things to another unimaginable level. Records were shattered in powerlifting, strongman, Crossfit and Olympic wlifting. Here is a list of thirteen of the strongest accomplishments of 2017.  Leave us a comment to let us know which were your favorite, and which great achievements we left out!

Vlad Alhazov squats 500kg raw w/wraps

500 kg Squat Raw first in history

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That is over 1,100 pounds! We have been wondering when we would get to see the first 500KG raw squat, and here it was.  We all knew it was coming soon, but I don't think anyone was betting that it would be from this guy.  Vlad hasn't been on many fan's radars since a pretty bad injury several years back.  Now we get to wait and see who will be the first to do it in just knee sleeves.  

Stefi Cohen Deadlifts 525 at 123 bodyweight

We know this was in training, with straps, blah blah blah... but who cares.  This was a 525 deadlift at 123 pounds body weight!  That is a 4.25x body weight lift.  Stefi did also pull 495 pounds for a new world record in competition in 2017, so we know she can pull the big weights in competition too. 

YurY Belkin Deadlifts 970 pounds

What radioactive filled, Russian sewer did this mutant climb out of?  He just obliterated another world record.  This was done raw, and Yury doesn't even bother with a belt.  The only guy out there that has ever recorded a bigger raw "powerlifting-style" deadlift, in any weight class, is Benedikt Magnusson.  

Cailer woolam deadlifts 928 pounds in the 220 weight class

As long as we are on the topic of mutant freaks that sumo deadlift more than forklifts, lets talk about Cailer Woolam.  Ed Coan's 220 deadlift record was one of the longest standing records in powerlifting.. until Yury and Cailer came along.  Yury broke it first in 2017, then Cailer, and then Cailer again with this 928 pull. Cailer is only in his early 20's, so it will be fun to see how much more weight this guy adds to the bar in the coming years.

Blaine sumner squats 1,113 single ply

The Vanilla Gorilla did it again... this 1,113 pound squat is a new IPF world record, and the heaviest squat ever completed in competition in a singly ply squat suit.  The scary part is how quickly the bar moved.  All those chicken shakes he drinks must be working.  If Blaine can keep himself healthy, there's no doubt he will break his own record in 2018.

Lasha talakhadze snatches 485 pounds

In dramatic fashion, Lasha broke his own snatch record with this 220KG (485LB) attempt.  This was on his way to a new world record total of 474KG (1,045LB). He is putting up weights in the Olympic lifts that just don't make any sense..

Matt fraser is back-to-back crossfit games champ

When he crushed the competition the way he did in 2016, we didn't think he could get any more dominant... then he did it all over again in 2017.  It really was a competition this year to see who would finish second to Fraser.  It will be interesting to see if anyone can match his level in 2018.

eddie hall wins world's strongest man

Hall bested other strongman favorites Brian Shaw, Hafthor Bjornsson, and Zydrunas Savickas for his first ever WSM title.  We wouldn't call it shocking that Eddie pulled it out, but it's safe to say that a lot of people had their money on Shaw and Hafthor going into 2017.  Eddie stepped up to the plate this year by winning all of the static strength events, something he is well known for.

Jennifer thompson benches 325 pounds

You couldn't find an atmosphere much more electric than when Jen Thompson bench pressed 325 pounds in front of a jacked up high school football team.  Jen also broke the 63KG IPF world record in competition with a 317.5 pound bench in 2017.

larry "wheels" williams totals 2,275 pounds

Larry broke the all time world record total in the 275 pound weight class with an 800+ squat, 600+ bench, and 800+ deadlift.  Guys this well rounded in the sport of powerlifting don't come around often, if ever.  Not to mention, he did it all while looking like he was chiselled out of stone by a Greek sculptor. 

Dave hoff set the biggest multi-ply total of all time with 3,010 pounds

Mr. 3K10 has totaled more in the sport of powerlifting than any other human being, ever.  It came via a 1,235 squat, 965 bench, and 810 pound deadlift.  This is in multi-ply powerlifting gear, but let us assure you, the squat suit and bench shirt don't life those enormous numbers on their own!

Kristy hawkins totals 1,434 for a 624 wilks

Here is another extremely well rounded powerlifter, but I guess you have to be in order to record the 4th highest wilks score of any man or woman of all time.  She did it with a world record in the squat, and a world record in the deadlift (at that time).  She might not be quite as crazy as Zahir, but we are still rooting for her to take down the all time best wilks score in 2018.

Ray Williams squats 1,053 pounds in knee sleeves

2017 was money time for Big Ray Williams.  He crushed this 1,053 pound squat in a pair of knee sleeves for another new world record.  Ray is almost a lock to make the list of strongest moments each year.  What do you think he's going to do in 2018?

Sayonara 2017!

There is the Massenomics approved list for 2017. Let us know who you think we missed, just don't be dicks about it. We can't wait to see what new levels the strength world gets pushed to in 2018. 

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