The Top Ten Best Strength Training Podcasts

Here is a list of ten of the best strength podcasts (in alphabetical order) currently filling the air waves.  We did some googling to try to find a list like this, but there were none to be found.  So we knew that responsibility had to rest squarely on our shoulders...  our wide, bulbous, vascular shoulders.  That is both our gift and our curse here at Massenomics. 

Some criteria we looked at to come up with "The Best"...

  • Factual knowledge. Can you learn something?

  • Humor. Might you pee your pants a little?

  • Audio quality. Is it recorded into a tin can, or something a little better?

  • Production value. Is there a video version also? Or maybe supporting articles?

  • Guests. Do they bring in people that know a thing or two about a thing or two?

  • Consistency. Once a week? Once a month? Once a who-the-hell knows when?

We limited this list to ten, but we know there are other good ones out there that we missed.  That's where you, the super-smart readers, come in.  We want to know which podcasts that you love in the world of strength!  Leave us a comment here, on our Facebook page, or on Instagram.

*One last note:  If you like any of these podcasts, leave them a 5 star review on iTunes.  It makes a difference, and I promise they will all appreciate it. 

Iron Radio

Over 400 episodes.  That's right, we said 400.  The show is hosted Dr. Lonnie Lowery and his crew of accomplished strength athletes.  These guys have amassed more sports nutrition, weight training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding talk than you can shake a barbell at.  You will learn something valuable from every episode, especially if you have interest in the science of nutrition and training.  The show is put out in high quality audio and has the feel of something you could tune into on a FM radio station. 

Best iTunes review:  "I've been listening for a few years, and being a nerdy person who loves to lift, I'm immensely grateful to all of the Iron Radio personalities for supplying ample nerdy lifting information for so long. "


If you thought we weren't going to include our own podcast, then you thought wrong muchacho.  Dubbed as the "world's strongest podcast", we know that we absolutely belong on this list.  We have been releasing episodes in audio and full video every week for over a year now.  Our guest list keeps growing and now includes: Dan Bell, Jona Leo, Scott McGee, Julien Pinneau, Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson, Nick Tylutki, Big Shane Quaschnick and many others! The regular cast includes Tyler, Tommy, and Tanner.  Join us weekly as we navigate through our journey in the strength world, and through all the bullshit that we throw at each other. 

Best iTunes review:  "Creative take on a mystery podcast.  You'll end every episode trying to figure it out... Do they even lift, bro?"

Strength Chat By Kabuki Strength

Just the facts, ma'am.  If you enjoy really learning while listening to a podcast, you need to check this one out.  It's the anti-broscience approach to the strength and fitness industry.  It's hosted by a group of coaches and athletes that have years of putting what they discuss to the test.  Chris Duffin is the poster boy, renowned as one of the strongest powerlifters to have competed, as well as an innovator of exercise equipment for strength minded athletes. They have been recording for a little over half a year and consistently put out new episodes every week.

Best iTunes review: "Duffin and the guys put some awesome knowledge and knowledgeable people right into your ear holes.  Every week I learn something applicable and/or interesting."

Strong Talk From Starting Strongman

If you have any interest in strongman, whether that be training for it yourself or following the pros, then look no further.  This podcast covers EVERYTHING in the world of strongman.  You would be hard pressed to find anyone that knows more about the sport than the podcast creator Kalle Beck.   Kalle and fellow strongman Robert Oberst started recording over two years ago.  There have been a couple gaps in recording since then, and Robert is no longer a regular host, but the show is still going strong with over 75 episodes in their library.  Kalle has done interviews with the likes of strongman legend Zydrunas Savickas, and tons of other top level strongman competitors. 

Best iTunes review: "This podcast is a must for every strongman and strongwoman for sure, as well as anyone interested in the sport.  Interesting and informative guests and topics.. every episode holds a nugget of info that you will not get elsewhere."

The JuggLife

Co-hosts Chad Wesley Smith and Max "Montana" Aita combine their experiences coaching and competing at high levels in powerlifting, strongman, and weightlifting to create this humorous and informative podcast.  Chad describes their show as, "a lighthearted look at serious training topics and current events in the strength world."  They have already brought in a diverse panel of guests, and their show keeps getting better and better.  They have recently taken noticeable efforts to improve their audio quality, presentation, and consistency of recording.  Fanatics of the show are referred to as Jugalos (kind of like fans of the group Insane Clown Posse, except with less face paint).

Best iTunes review: "A quad dominant cowboy and a giant koala raised by an affluent orange county family talk smack about competitive wide stance god-mornings and use the word "correlate" roughly 50 times per episode.  If you sneer at people who only have one "leg day" per week, this is the podcast for you."

The Strength Athlete

If you compete in the USAPL/IPF powerlifting federations you're not going to want to miss this one.  It's apparent that this group of experienced powerlifting coaches/competitors has a passion for serving the natural raw powerlifting community.  These guys like their powerlifters like the like their bed sheets... clean, but not afraid to work hard.  They started the show about six months ago and have just over ten episodes out now.  These guys discuss in depth technical training and programming topics like your dad discusses the weather. They have really started to build some momentum as of late since they have begun to release episodes more frequently. 

Best iTunes review: "TSA has been doing great work in the powerlifting community for years now, and this podcast is absolutely a continuation.  They cover a wide range of topic relevant to the powerlifting community and have hosted knowledgeable guests.  If you enjoy sour beer, man tights, and Spoto presses, this is the podcast for you."


The WODcast Podcast has been around for about 5 years now. It's hosted by Scott McGee, the fittest and most Batman-esque law enforcement officer we've ever met, Comedian and CrossFit unenthusiast Eddie Ifft, and Armen Hammer of FloElite (formerly The Naked CrossFitter... before he went all corporate). Podcasts are meant to be entertaining, and what some of the WODcast's "interviews" may lack in groundbreaking information they certainly make up for in laughs. With it's abundance of dick-jokes and always-hilarious banter The WODcast is definitely one of our top listens each week, and should be on your list as well.

Best iTunes review: "The WODcast is like the casting couch of the CrossFit community.  If you are looking to get your professional exercising career started or kick it up a notch come take a seat on the couch and prepare for the #WODcastBump."

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