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What If These NFL Players Powerlifted?

You don't have to have the trained football eye of John Madden to recognize there are some freakish athletes that play the sport of football at the highest level.  Just look at Eli Manning and Sabastian Janikowski...  But seriously, NFL players are some of the biggest, fastest, and strongest men in the world.  It kind of makes you wonder just what kind of numbers some of these guys could put up if they powerlifted competitively.  Luckily for you we dug into all the info we could find on some of the NFL's top performers in an effort to answer that question. 

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How To Build Your Own Deadlift and Power Rack Platform

Here is a way to make sure your gym (or home gym) is one of those better gyms.  These are step-by-step instructions on how to build your own 8'x8' deadlift and power rack platform.  These platforms are easy to build and they protect your gym floor from unwanted damage.  We have three of these platforms in Massenomics Gym, and they have all withstood repeated heavy poundings from some big deadlifts. You'll like the way they look, I guarantee it.

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