The CrossFit Open's Top 10 Finishers



Women’s 5th

 Cassidy Lance-McWherter

After making it to the games in 13/14/15, Cassidy just barely missed a trip to the 16 games. It looks like she's back with a vengeance, and this 5th place overall finish is the best of her career.


Men’s 5th

 Anthony Davis

 We had to do a little research to make sure this wasn't the Center for the New Orleans Pelicans, but turns out this Mr. Davis is an up-and-comer from Timberwolf CrossFit in St. Paul. After finishing the open in 25,887th in 2014, 2,049th in 2015, and 186th in 2016, Anthony climbed his way to the top 5 in the world. Now THAT is some commendable progress right there!


Women’s 4th

Jamie Greene

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 It’s no surprise to see Jamie atop the leaderboard this year . But she surprised a lot of people by taking 1st in the Open last year, and competed in the team division with CrossFit Yas, helping them secure a 3rd place finish at the 2016 games.


Men’s 4th

Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson

 With a 3rd Place games finish in 15, and an 8th place finish in 16, Big Karl is poised to make a run at the podium in Madison this summer.


Women’s 3rd

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille won the CrossFit Games in 2014, but had some disappointing finishes of 13th in 2015, and 21st in 2016. Based on her performances in the Open this year, this is definitely the strongest and fittest we’ve seen CLB. We’re expecting a big performance from Camille at Regionals as well as The Games.


Men’s 3rd

Alex Vigneault

After a 9th place finish at the 16 games, The Canadian Assassin is looking to snag a spot on the podium this year... And with a 3rd place finish in the Open, he's on track to do just that.


Women’s 2nd

Kari Pearce

Kari made it to the Games in 2015 with only 6 months in CrossFit, then finished 5th in the 2016 Games. Her background a gymnast-turned-weightlifter-turned-bodybuilder-turned-powerlifter-turned-crossfitter makes her very well-suited for the wide variety of tasks that get thrown at her during Regionals, and we’re looking forward to a big year for Kari.


Men’s 2nd

Noah Ohlsen

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After winning the open last year, Noah had a tough time at the 2016 games and finished 15th overall. Keep your eyes on Noah this year, as he has been one of the most consistent performers in CrossFit. Fun Fact- Noah's always-flawless hair placed 3rd in the Southeast Region last year.


Women’s 1st

Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara handled the open like a boss this year, finishing top ten overall in 4 out of the 5 Open workouts. She finished 3rd at The CrossFit Games in both 2015 and 2016, and is poised for another podium finish this year.

Men’s 1st

Mathew Fraser (It's pronounced like "Laser".... trust us)

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After meeting Tyler from Massenomics during last year's open (I promise you, Mr. Fraser does NOT remember this encounter), Fraser went on to win the 2016 games in the most dominant performance in the history of The CrossFit Games..... Coincidence?.. We think not...


Nobody is surprised to see The Champ atop the Open Leaderboard this year, and we expect him to finish at the top in Madison this summer.