ShouldeRok Review

Here is the official Massenomics review of the ShouldeRok made by Chris Duffin. We took a look at the quality of the product, as well as its usefulness.  Massenomics is in no way affiliated with Chris Duffin or Kabuki Strength, so rest assured this review is straight from the heart.

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The Story of Pioneer Belts: Crafted in America

You don't have to be in the powerlifting game long to run across Pioneer Belts. In the last few years, their popularity has exploded. If you need proof, just hop on Instagram and you'll see some of your favorite lifters rocking a custom Pioneer belt. Where did they come from? How long have they been doing this and where did the idea for completely custom belts come from? We recently had a conversation with Matt Hadden, President of General Leathercraft Mfg. & Pioneer Belts, to get their full story.

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The 15 Strongest Moments of 2016

2016 was a year to remember in the world of strength sports.  Just when you thought the human body had been pushed to its farthest limits, these athletes took things to another unimaginable level. Records were shattered in powerlifting, strongman, Crossfit and Olympic lifting. Here is a list of fifteen of the strongest accomplishments of 2016 in order of the date they occurred. 

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Massenomics’ 6 Rules for the Fitness Minded Drinker

Slow and steady wins the race
Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour per drink, if possible, to give your body time to properly metabolize alcohol and all its metabolites. A backlog of alcohol metabolites (mainly acetaldehyde) caused by fast consumption of alcohol will have you feeling worse than a broke dick dog in a yard full of bitches.

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Does This Wilks Score Make Me Look Fat?

We all know that powerlifting is a game of numbers.  So is CrossFit, strongman, Olympic weightlifting, and just about any type of competitive strength sport you can think of.  There is some form of gauge for each discipline.  In powerlifting we look specifically at weight (MASS) moved in the three lifts.  If you live in Trumpland, we call those pounds.  If you live somewhere else you go by kilometers, or something like that.  Either way, the basic concept doesn’t change

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