What is your favorite cheat meal?

So you eat pretty decent most of the time, and that's commendable, but what do you go for when you really want to get off the rails?


WARNING: This is very specific.  You must follow these instructions exactly if you want the full effect..  I make one box of family size Kraft macaroni and cheese.  I follow the directions on the box, except instead of using eight tablespoons of butter as recommended, I only use three or four.  It's not like I'm some sort of glutton.. I grill five brats while the macaroni is cooking.  Once the brats are grilled to perfection, and the macaroni is ready to rock, I slice up the brats and throw them in the pot.  I use the largest plate I can find in the house and fill it with as much as it can hold.  I repeat this until the pot is empty and I wash it all down with about 25 ounces of whole milk.


Pizza.  Buffet-style.  About once a month, immediately post-workout, I go to our local Pizza Ranch and crush all the pizza, mashed potatoes, and chicken fries I can handle.  Then I feel shame for at least twelve hours.  Also, I believe that taco pizza is far superior to all other kinds of pizza.



One thing I do not want to do if I am going to indulge in a cheat meal is cook. This leads me to the polarizing, but tasty world of fast food. On average, two Friday's a month , I will visit my favorite redhead and order two plain Double Stacks, one large fry, a ten piece chicken nugget, and wash it down with a small vanilla frosty. It gets downright uncomfortable how much I look forward to this meal after a week of prepped, clean-eating meals. 

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"That looks good, I wonder if Wendy's is open this late on Sunday's?"
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"Hi, welcome to Wendy's can I take your order?"



While some of my Massensomics colleagues have a soft spot for macaroni, pizza or Wendy’s i feel like i fall into a different category. My cheat meal of choice would consist of a night full of liquid, carbonated calories in the form of beer. 

Here’s the simple way to pull off this cheat meal. Pick up a 12 pack of your beverage of choice (your tastes may change depending on the time of year). Get together with 3 - 20 friends and start drinking. Once you have downed a sufficient amount of brews, head to the local watering hole. Continue drinking with the homies until bar close hits at 2 AM. At this point you need to get home fast and go to bed. If you managed to do this correctly, you body will give you some obvious signs of how “successful” your cheat meal was. 

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