Assembling a Juggernaut

“If you’re not amazed by how naive you were yesterday,

you’re standing still.

If you’re not terrified of the next step,

your eyes are closed.”

Jed McKenna

       For a while now, I've been trying to assemble a wider variety of content than my original “weight loss updates”. I’ve met and corresponded with lots of interesting people in my pursuit of new stories to bring you, and that pursuit led me to contact the guys at Massenomics. If you are from our local area, you may have seen some of their social media activity, blog posts, and videos. Much like my project, theirs started as a simple idea: Get some fun, hopefully informative content out to the masses, and have a good time doing it. What caught my eye was the type of training I saw from the Massenomics Gym. I saw people training with a real emphasis on getting strong. Really, really strong.  I also noticed a very obvious sense of community. I saw new guys getting help from the seasoned lifters, every new face in their content was learning how to do things the right way from these more experienced guys. Without a formal coach/athlete structure, the emphasis was on the information, the technique, and the work ethic. The vibe looked fun, and it seemed to resonate with something I’ve heard recently:

“Don’t just go to the gym. Be a PART of the gym.”

A few of these guys travel and compete in powerlifting and strongman competitions as well. They also seem to win them….. A lot of them. And I wanted to find out how.

     Initially, I contacted Tanner Baird from Massenomics with a simple request.. I wanted to ask him some questions about the way they train, check out the gym and the vibe, and maybe collaborate on some interesting content for this page. A few emails later I had a pretty good idea of what they were all about over at Massenomics, and it was time for me to stop by the gym. I made my way through the entrance, and found a little bitty sticker on the door letting me know I was on the right track.

     As I made my way down into the cold, dark basement, I heard the familiar sounds of aggressive metal music. I was on the right track. I followed my ears until I was standing in front of an enormous steel door. The type of door that they stopped making a hundred years ago. The type of door with levers and chains and counterweights. After pushing, pulling, twisting, and leaning into it, I finally figured out the door lever. The sounds of metal poured out of the open doorway, and I was in…

     The gym is small. It’s full of iron. No frills, just weights and work. Tanner said the gym is moving to a much larger location in a few weeks, which made me very glad I came when I did. I couldn’t help but feel like I had witnessed the humble beginnings of something special.

Tanner and I got in a training session with some squats, some deadlifts, and I consulted him for a little bit of bench press set-up coaching.

We got our work done, and the conversation turned to what we plan on doing with our online content. We shared the same vision of more comprehensive and consistent multimedia content, and decided that it would be best if we all teamed up. After meeting with Tommy and Austin (the other two official members of Massenomics), we agreed that the best way for us to release quality content consistently is to do it together. Like some sort of beefy, internet-version of Captain Planet, we are pooling our powers together to bring you the biggest and best entertainment and info we can…… And probably save the world..

…or not.

   Either way, we’re very excited. With the gym moving to its new location, we will be simultaneously launching, which will be your hub for all things strength, including our online store and merchandise. We will also be launching a weekly podcast, from which we will be bringing you information, entertainment, and an overabundance of our own dumbness. We hope to tie in our experiences, the experiences of our guests, and the techniques and philosophies from all aspects of training.


Keep your eyes peeled and your ear-holes primed.

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