What does it take to be a Massenomics athlete? A world record total? Record setting lifts? Millions of followers?

To be honest, we aren’t completely sure what it takes either but you know what they say “when you got it you got it”. The people listed below definitely have “it”, whatever that is. So try being more like them. Give them a follow while you’re at it.


James Strickland

James started competitive powerlifting in late 2014, has since gone on to bench 661 lbs in the 275 weight class as well as 672 lbs in the 308 weight class, currently holding the #11 biggest raw bench of all time, regardless of weight class. A competitive swimmer since the age of 14, as well as an NFL tryout in 2010, James is a well rounded athlete not just a powerlifter. James' goal is not only to be one of very few men to bench over 700 raw, but to be the lightest body weight to do it.

A U.S. Navy veteran, husband and father of 3, businessman and strength coach, James has learned to balance all of them.

  • Hometown: Houston, Texas

  • Best meet lifts: 761 squat, 672 bench, 783 deadlift, 2182.5 full meet total

Follow James on Instagram @swimhack


Johnathan Oldham

Johnathan is a Firefighter and Paramedic and is a former collegiate rugby player at UAB. Jonathan has been powerlifting competitively since 2014. His favorite hobbies include throwing back beers and family time, sometimes at the same time. You can catch him hitting big lifts rocking his jorts and a mullet.

  • Hometown: Birmingham, AL

  • Gym: Diamond K Lifting

  • Best meet lifts: 804 squat, 407 bench, 705 deadlift

Follow Johnathan on Instagram @baconandbeerbells


Brad Neitzel

Brad first started powerlifting in 2011. He won USAPL deadlift nationals in 2016 and has set multiple American records across USAPL, UPA and APF. He has switched his primary focus to strongman, winning USS nationals in 2019 for the super heavyweight class. He competed in his first pro show at the Arnold Europe in Spain in September, 2019.

He also raced motocross for 10 years, winning 2 National races and multiple State championships.

Brad is currently in the process of establishing his own Chiropractic office.

  • Hometown: Beaver Dam, WI

  • Gym: Southside Athletic

  • Undergrad: UW-La Crosse - double majoring in Pre-Chiropractic and Exercise Sports Science, double minoring in Nutrition and Psychology.

  • Grad School: Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University

Follow Brad on Instagram @kindafatkindastrong


Kyle Hendricks

Kyle has been powerlifting for over 7 years and did his first meet in Sept 2012. He totaled 1389 in sleeves with only 9 months of training. Before that meet he had never deadlifted and didn't know how to squat. In 2008 he had an ACL reconstruction from a football injury. It wasn't until he met a local lifter familiar with powerlifting that he learned to squat properly. Kyle has been competing as a drug-tested (amateur) lifter his entire career (unless it was a Pro only meet), and continues to do so. He approaches lifting with a calm demeanor that reflects in his personality.

Kyle enjoys lifting, working with others to become better lifters, and learning different program methodologies. He is also a master of knowing trivial facts and making indie-rock workout playlists.

  • Hometown: Chatham, Ontario, Canada

  • Occupation: Arborist; Foreman and Bucket Operator

  • Years Lifting: 7

  • Best meet lifts: 777 Squat, 474 Bench, 760 Deadlift, 1989 Total

  • Gym: His basement and South Kent Barbell

Follow Kyle on Instagram @khendrickspower